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The proposals are being put forward by Woodbridge county councillor Caroline Page, with assistance from former mayor Nigel Barratt, and support from the town council.

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However, not all speed limits would be reduced, with the 30mph limit actually being increased to 40mph for vehicles exiting the A12 at Woodbridge Town Football Club, before reducing speed to 30mph at the Duke of York pub, and entering the 20mph zone at Ipswich Road, just after the Warren Hill Road junction.

The 20mph stretch would then continue along Station Road, Quayside, Lime Kiln Quay Road, and into Melton Hill.

In her report, Ms Page said: “It is difficult to get drivers to slow down sufficiently along the Ipswich Road, to allow crossing for a huge range of users [at the Duke of York] for school and bus-user access, and [from the Warren Hill Road junction] for resident pedestrian access to shops, surgeries, station, swimming pool and riverside.

“Much of this pedestrian usage is elderly and has difficulty with the current speeds.

There are also bus stops along this route – as it is the main bus route through Woodbridge – which require a need for crossing.

“By raising the speed limit [at the A12 junction] it would allow a large 30mph sign to be put up, warning of speed reduction, and ensure that people would be driving at 30mph in time to hit the 20mph zone.” Elsewhere, 20mph zones could be established from the A12 exits into Grundisburgh Road, Hasketon Road and Haugh Lane – mainly due to the large number of primary and secondary school pupils crossing at various points – and at the junction of Bullards Lane and Drybridge Hill, Pytches Road and North Hill, and just before the Pytches Road junction in Melton Hill.

The report also asks if Old Barrack Road and a stretch of Pytches Road should become 20mph due to their proximity to local primary schools, and if there should be a further extension along Melton Road, in view of increased development and traffic.

Town and district councillor Geoff Holdcroft suggested the plans be submitted by the end of the month Mr Holdcroft said the town council’s highways committee had discussed traffic calming measures along busier roads, like Melton Hill, Ipswich Road and Burkitt Road.

But, following further talks with the county councillor and former mayor, it was also proposed to address so-called ‘rat runs’ as part of a broader town-wide plan, which he called a “serving suggestion” to be chewed over by Suffolk County Council’s speed limit panel.

Mr Holdcroft, who said the plans would have the added benefit of diverting through-traffic round the town, referred to a survey of 1966, which found half of all traffic passed through Woodbridge without stopping – a statistic, he said, that had barely changed in 50 years.

He also indicated that the junction of Lime Kiln Quay Road and the Thoroughfare was one of three declared Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in Suffolk Coastal, with a nitrogen dioxide analyser monitoring pollution levels.

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