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Shirley Yeung, who had been dating for 9 years, announced her breakup with boyfriend Gregory Lee a few days ago.Since the announcement, besides having to accept losing his most beloved, Gregory also has to bear the 'man cannot accept' reason. It was said that aside from Gregory's family worrying about him, his friends are also feeling pity for him.

At the time, Gregory was in deep sorrow, but still attempted to rescue the nearly 10 year relationship. Regarding the news exposed by the insider, [Oriental Daily] contacted Gregory to confirm.

He frankly said Shirley used 'pregnancy' as a reason for the breakup: "Shirley did say she was 'pregnant', but it's me that doesn't believe it." When reporters contacted Shirley to confirm, her first reaction was: "Where did you all hear this news? But I have nothing to say." Until yesterday, Shirley still did not admit nor deny to the pregnancy rumors.

She expressed her blessings to Gregory: "I have been with Gregory for a long time, he is a very good man.

We are still friends after the breakup, I wish him forever happiness." Besides the strange "pregnancy" rumor that we cannot tell if it's true or false, Shirley's decision to breakup with Gregory is another huge question mark.

According to Gregory's older twin brother Augustine Lee, yesterday morning when he was chatting all night with Gregory, Shirley suddenly sent him a SMS: "I still really love you, miss you a lot." As we can see, Shirley is contradicting herself.

New mother, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), returned to Hong Kong two weeks ago with the intention of resuming work at TVB to earn “milk money” for her newborn daughter, Krystal Yeung. Seeing her in this state, I am honestly a bit upset.

However, Shirley has not taken on any prominent work projects yet. ” The intrusive nature of the Hong Kong paparazzi was well known, giving little privacy to celebrities. At the same time, I feel that she is very pitiful.” The incredibly busy Ms.

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), indicated that Shirley may have depression, locking herself home. The mystery of why Shirley Yeung broke up with the baby’s alleged father, Andy Ng (吳帥), aroused intense public scrutiny. Lok appeared as if she was short on patience with Shirley’s uncooperative behavior.

Since giving birth to Krystal in Los Angeles, USA and returning to Hong Kong on March 22nd, Shirley isolated herself home, unwilling to go outside to face the public pressure. Lok stated that Shirley’s emotional state spiraled downwards, not wishing to see anyone. Lok was worried that Shirley may have postpartum depression. Shirley did not even wish to see her own manager and requested her mother to greet her at home. Lok revealed that Shirley’s spirits continued to spiral downward after reading negative reports about her current state. Lok stated, “Some things need to be spoken about and resolved.

At a March 31st event promoting the upcoming 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Ms. I do not know her mother well, so it is hard to start there.” Ms.

Lok said, “Originally, we wanted to ask Shirley to appear at the event, to have her see other people. She did not even possess the strength in her voice to talk on the phone. ” Although Shirley rushed back to Hong Kong with the intention of earning more money, she was unable to put her emotions aside and return to work. Lok arranged job opportunities for Shirley, she was unable to fulfill them. Lok felt that the best remedy to cure Shirley’s depression was to start working again and face the situation boldly. No part of this article may be copied, reproduced, rearranged, redistributed, modified by any means or in any form whatsoever without prior written permission. However, it was Shirley rushed going back to Hong Kong too soon, perhaps too concerned about earning money quickly to pay her 3 mortgages.

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