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Having fun on the beach can’t get any better than these naughty, sexy turn on tips for couples.

Try them at your own risk, and let your sexual desires explode into orgasms galore.

[Read: 20 things that turn a guy on when he sees a girl] There’s something about a beach that makes it a big turn on for just about anyone. And that makes fun on the beach a heady cocktail of lust and sexual desires for couples and singles alike.

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It was probably out with a huge group of friends, or late at night while having sex with your partner.

Real fun on the beach for couples From our past lessons on having fun on the beach, we’ve seen that you can have fun in a crowded place, being the centre of attention.

Or, you can do it discreetly, while having sex in a quiet hideaway.

But seriously though, that’s not much of a turn on though, is it?

Hiding it and doing the deed can be fun the first few times, but can get quite monotonous and boring after a while.

[Read: Seven sexiest places to have sex] While you’re on a beach in the middle of your vacation, have fun and remember that no one knows you.And whatever happens in the vacation stays in the vacation, other than the memories and the thrills, of course.Here is a list of sizzling naughty tips to turn you and your partner on, and increase your libido all at once.10 sexy tips to have more fun on the beach Who says you need counseling to reignite your passion?Here are ten guaranteed ways to ignite your passion while having fun on the beach. #1 Play around in the water We don’t mean the regular fun and games of splashing around.Think like frisky bunnies and fool around in the blue waters.

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