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Benefit: This five-move workout combines isometric (fixed-position) and plyometric (explosive) exercises to fatigue your fast-twitch muscle fibers that power quick, explosive movements.

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The personal trainer, who is a coach on the NBC show, shared two pictures - one taken from an unflattering low angle and a mirror selfie showcasing her toned figure - on Instagram. Don't stress about the way your body looks in certain positions. #noedits.' Jen, who helps coach contestants to lose weight in The Biggest Loser to win a cash prize, The contrasting pictures of the fitness star, who has 190,000 followers on Instagram, have attracted a huge amount of attention online.

The 34-year-old, who is from Los Angeles, said the pictures were taken 'two minutes apart' and with no editing, as she urged others not to 'stress' about how their bodies look from different perspectives. Her original post has been liked by nearly 20,000 users and attracted hundreds of comments from people who have been comforted by her honesty. Hopefully young impressionable girls will see this reality.

will be getting a couple new butt-kickers this season.

Joining returning trainer Dolvett Quince are Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom, whom PEOPLE chatted with exclusively about their first season. Finding motivation is a huge issue in itself, so Pavelka and Widerstrom have taken it under their belt to create a slogan with their teams to stay dedicated.

Before tuning in to the Season 16 premiere of (Thursday at 8 p.m./7c on NBC), here are five things to know about Pavelka and Widerstrom. “I tell my team to ‘Take the body and the mind will follow,’ says Pavelka.

“I tell them to commit to five minutes – that’s it – and then the mind will catch up with that.” When we spoke to Widerstrom early on in the season, she already had several mottos.

“I say, ‘Get uncomfortable,’ a lot,” says Widerstrom.

“What I use the workouts to do and hard conversations to do is to ‘get uncomfortable,’ shaking things out and find out that as uncomfortable as that may feel, you’re actually okay.” 2. Pavelka likes to think of himself as “hard with heart,” and focuses more on the feeling of the body than on the scale’s numbers.

“I think weight loss is a side effect of doing it right, feeling good, and falling in love with the feeling of exercise,” says Pavelka.

The contestants aren’t the only ones helping each other compete to success.

“I have to give Jessie credit for this quote, but ‘weight loss is not the answer to obesity,'” Widerstrom quotes of fellow trainer Pavelka.

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