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You’ve read the PR-driven meme that Perugia investigators zoomed in way too quickly on Amanda Knox?

Hard to manufacture a reason to zoom in on an Italian male with a rich and connected father and mafia ties.

We see from Knox’ statement, she wants to tell the story as though she really was innocent.

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Say that investigators were doing little else but ferociously framing Amanda Knox, as John Douglas, Steve Moore and Michael Heavey have claimed again and again (and even so advised the Department of State).

She has to imagine and play role what an innocent person would do.

She was only there because she wanted to shower and change to go to Gubbio Ah, but what about Meredith’s locked door?

Pre-empting and forestalling the tricky question of Meredith’s closed door.

Meredith home alone, would be a real reason to panic.

The realisation ‘Meredith might be hurt inside’ mustn’t come – for script purposes – until after Knox has - in her story - had a shower, changed and gone back to Raff to tell him of her strange experience.An Italian piece (Scarlatti) by American Elaine Comparone which we used before Meredith’s birthday comes around again on the 28th so for her family in London which now includes some grandchildren the years’ end emotions are mixed.This morning, around 10-11am, I returned to my house alone to have a shower and change my clothes, and in this circumstance I noticed that the entrance door of the apartment was wide open whereas the doors to the rooms inside the house were all closed, at least the ones to Filomena’s and Meredith’s rooms, although I didn’t check if they were locked, whereas the one to Laura’s room was ajar and my door was open as usual.In Honor Bound, Raff says this applied both coming in and going out.Her family clearly likes any ongoing notions of what she might have achieved, what others are achieving that are of her generation, moreso than an annual reminder of the days since she passed.We didn’t think we needed to explain the post and sure enough almost everybody did see the point.

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