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This National Geographic video shows what it looks and sounds like to skate on thin natural ice on a lake in Sweden.I've heard the sound a chunk of ice makes as it slides across a frozen lake, but this is really different.It is also cool to see the flexing of the ice under the skater's weight when the camera is just barely off the ice.

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The pacemaker of the heart, located in the wall of the right atrium.

At the base of the wall separating the two atria is another patch of nodal tissue called the atrioventricular node (AV).

A modified form of endoplasmic reticulum in striated muscle cells that stores calcium used to trigger contraction during stimulation.

A fatty acid in which all carbons in the hydrocarbon tail are connected by single bonds, thus maximizing the number of hydrogen atoms that can attach to the carbon skeleton.

A tropical grassland biome with scattered individual trees, large herbivores, and three distinct seasons based primarily on rainfall, maintained by occasional fires and drought.

A chain of supporting cells enclosing the axons of many neurons and forming an insulating layer called the myelin sheath.A rigid, supportive plant cell type usually lacking protoplasts and possessing thick secondary walls strengthened by lignin at maturity.The principle whereby every energy transfer or transformation increases the entropy of the universe.Ordered forms of energy are at least partly converted to heat, and in spontaneous reactions, the free energy of the system also decreases.A small, nonprotein, water-soluble molecule or ion, such as calcium ion or cyclic AMP, that relays a signal to a cell's interior in response to a signal received by a signal receptor protein.A chemical compound synthesized through the diversion of products of major metabolic pathways for use in defense by prey species.

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