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If ever we needed a reason to get our energy bills in order a week of Siberian weather is surely it.

The truth though, is that most of us stick with the same provider for gas and electricity regardless of their price or quality of customer service.

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Relentlessly rising gas and electricity bills and relatively few of us managing to switch their energy provider has meant the government recently had to intervene in a bid to make things fairer for consumers struggling to understand their bills let alone compare energy prices.

These days, for example, you’ll see a note on your bill telling you if you’re on the cheapest energy deal offered by your provider and how much you would save if you were.

Your provider is legally obliged to tell you this information.

Elsewhere there are discounts and freebies designed to either help pay your bills if you meet certain eligibility criteria LINK or help reduce the energy you’re using and paying for.

Compare energy The biggest difference most of us can make to bills that now regularly top more than £1,400 a year is to switch energy providers.

Data from Ofgem – the energy watchdog – suggests the cheapest tariff for dual fuel (where gas and electricity is supplied by the same company on one bill) could bring the average household bill down to just £827 a year. Especially for those who haven’t switched recently. One of the biggest challenges facing consumers keen to switch energy has always been getting to the bottom of complicated bills in a bid to work out how theirs compare with other energy prices.It has become much easier in recent years but still isn’t as easy as it could be.How much energy we use is based on units of kilowatt hours (Kw H) of energy, which is billed by your supplier at a fixed rate per unit.(You may see this split into a day and night rate.) You’ll also have a standing charge (charged at a number of pence per day) that covers the cost of supplying energy to your home regardless of how much you use.You could have discounts on your bill, especially if you have a dual fuel arrangement, and the whole thing is subject to VAT at 20%.Alongside the dates the energy was supplied to your home, there will also be an indicator of whether the bill is an actual or estimated bill.

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