Checkins updating

In VS Studio 2008, when I'm opening the "Pending Checkins" tab, the content is stuck with "Updating..." and never shows the checked-out files...

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Source control tools track all prior versions of all files, allowing developers to "time travel" backward and forward in their software to determine when and where bugs are introduced.

These tools also identify conflicting simultaneous modfications made by two (poorly-communicating) team members, forcing them to work out the correct solution (rather than blindly overwriting one or the other original submission).

In this course we will make available a Subversion repository for your use.

Subversion is a modern replacement for the venerable (but fragile and aging) CVS system, which you may be familiar with.

Subversion's command-line tools (for Unix, Mac, and Windows) operate quite similarly to their CVS counterparts, and excellent graphical tools exist (e.g.

the Subclipse plugin for the cross-platform Eclipse IDE; the Tortoise SVN extension for the Windows graphical shell).This document will get you started with the command-line tools and will point you in the right direction for some of these graphical tools.If you have problems or questions, please direct them to the newsgroup and the teaching staff will help you out.In Subversion (often abbreviated SVN), code is stored in a repository, which is located somewhere on the network. Usually, before you make a checkin, it's a good idea to check to make sure nobody else committed changes while you weren't looking.(For COMP 314 we will provide the repository, but if you choose to use Subversion for your personal projects you can create your own repository as well.) The essential Subversion lifecycle is the following: Checking out the repository for the first time. , Subversion will launch your "default editor" so it can ask you to add some comments to a text file.Each repository has a URL from which it can be initially checked out; once that's done, the URL is remembered for future operations. All students in the course have write access in this directory, so it's a good place to experiment with Subversion. You don't need to do anything special to tell Subversion you'd like to change an existing file; it can figure it out from the fact that the file's contents will change when you edit it. Unfortunately, the default editor on Owlnet is vi, a largely-inscrutable text editor preferred by bearded Unix nerds.

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