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Video chat has become increasingly popular, and many messaging apps now offer the ability to chat via video for free!

To use video chat you’ll need to permit access to your phone’s camera and microphone on mobile devices (the app will prompt you to do so), or on a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need to use either the built-in camera and microphone or connect external ones.

Here’s a look at a few of the most popular messaging apps that offer video chat: You probably already use Facebook Messenger to chat by text with friends, which makes the app a convenient way to start chatting by video.

To start a video chat, open Messenger on your phone or desktop, and locate the friend that you want to chat with.

If your friend is available, the video icon located at the top-right of the app will be enabled.

Tap or click on it to start your call and your session will begin.

Currently, you can only video with one friend at a time.

For more information and FAQ’s visit the Facebook Help Center.

Snapchat rolled out video chat recently along with some pretty amazing features.

To chat with a friend, locate that person in your friend's list and tap on their name.

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