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But Bill Belichick’s beautiful, charitable, and supportive girlfriend is the proof that Bill is a wonderful man.

Linda Holliday has been in the picture so long that most people think she is Bill Belichick’s wife.

Hell, even Google trends show that the majority of people search for Bill Belichick’s wife, not girlfriend.

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Boston tabloids have suggested on more than one occasion that the two may be engaged, though we raise an eyebrow at that declaration.

Bill Belichick’s girlfriend proudly defines herself as “Girlfriend,” on her Instagram bio.

According to the gossip section of the Boston Herald, Linda toed the Belichick line in terms of not sharing secrets with the media, offering only semi denials when asked about the ring.

The ring also magically moved from her left hand to her right later in the evening when people began staring at the new ring.

When Bill and Linda met, Linda was involved in another relationship.

During a self titled “Girls Night Out,” in Palm Beach, FL in February, 2007, the two met in a nightclub.

While the idea of Bill in a nightclub may seem impossible to most, the night went well.

The next day, her boyfriend signed for a flower delivery for Linda.

The coach had sent a bouquet saying “Thanks for the wonderful evening, Bill.”Things have gone smoothly ever since.

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